The wild ride part 13

I spoke with Louis, letting him know of the situation. He wanted to sit on it and see what he could come up with. I did not want him to be involved anymore. He helped me so much I did not want him back in that mess.

We would think she would stop but no! The next day she decided to harass me again. Asking me if I contacted Robert. My response was simple, “no I have not” since it was only 24 hours since she rescinded the agreement. I also stated I did not had the budget to do it, however I had another plan in mind.

But I wasn’t about to share it with her. After all it was back in my hands or should I say dumped in my lap. She must not have liked my answer because she started to accused me of being ungrateful because people worked hard to helped me.

Well, I had to laugh at that point because I spent my lone time without asking anyone in that household to help me. She decided to involved some people in December because she took over someone’s debts. The help did not come free, it was to pay back a debt.

No, the true people like Geri, Charlotte and others that came along to help me were what I call God sent.

She could not find any other arguments but calling me selfish. It was interesting to read the rest of her poison. Writing lies after lies, talking about Louis and Paul about the fire, throwing Louis under the bus making him the master mind when in fact she was. Accusing everyone else but in the end, it was all my fault we were in that situation.

Now I could have been angry and started to enter in with her dance, however I felt the hatred and negativity of her words and kept silent.