The saga of the pups 147

Enjoying the pups, we had an interesting Sunday. When we arrived at the field no lights where on. It was a little hairy at first but as we drove to the parking lot the lights when on automatic. We managed to go inside the field ready to get started.

Mac is my little alarm; he is my watcher. I looked at the direction he was barking and saw one and then a second coyote. They were far from the field, however; they stopped and looked in our direction.

Mac, Dottie and Loulou where staring at them. Dottie was, even to my surprise, wagging her tail like she knew them. I approached the fence as they were evaluating us from afar.

I started to make some noises so those guys would continue on their way, which they did. I am not sure, based on what happened a couple of years ago, if these coyotes had an encounter with my pups.

To set the stage, I was working overnight at that time, and had someone at my place who decided to let them go outside without a lead on, and neither had the keys to get back inside.

It was late, past 10 pm, the door locked, and that individual was trying to get back inside. Dottie and Mac decided slowly to walk away and bolted. It took a couple of hours for that person to get back inside.

He came to my workplace, and I left immediately to find them. Lucky me, I had a tracker on the dog’s collar. I was able to pin their locations and had them back in no time.

What I discovered later on is that, per the person’s feedback, they were allegedly running free for 30 minutes when in fact, it was over 2 ½ hours. Imagine two dogs in the night that could have been hit by a car or find coyotes and get in trouble.

I was so mad but glad I found them safe. Fast forward….. I am not sure if those guys knew each other or not but Dottie was more than happy to see them. I would not be surprised during that escaped 2 years ago they had an encounter with them.