Fall season

Let’s talk about fall, the beautiful colors of the trees, this is one of my favorite seasons. A time to co-create, a time of crisp weather. We are moving slowly into wintertime.

But for now, it is time to enjoy the crisp morning walk with the pups. I love it very much; it is a time for transformation. Finding peace during the process, learning to not compare ourselves.

To do something for ourselves and loved ones is so precious. Planting the seed of love in our hearts and the hearts of others. It is the right move we can do to heal the past and move on to better things without a clouded heart.

Back to this beautiful day, I am looking at the beautiful colors of the leaves. It is majestic to watch mother nature changing colors. It is amazing to see the transformation of the trees.

We are living in an age where no one takes time to look around because we are too busy online or social media. I have learned to slow down, being present in the moment even though we might be caught up in this world of madness.

It is time to set up a new pattern, a new fresh habit that requires us to be present. One good thing is my pups, even if I am busy during the day, I always take time for them.

It might not be easy at first even when I am walking with them. I have to learn to slow down so it doesn’t look like I am running instead of enjoying a walk. I have Mac to remind me of that since he is my lazy boy, and his walk is more on the slow side.

I am glad I have them in my life. They have been the anchor and constant reminder why I am doing what I am doing for all of us.