Not looking back

I must say it has been an interesting few weeks. I had to finish what I started which is clean up my life by removing people that had no added value. It took a little longer for one person for me to finally do that. Not because I was dragging my feet, but that individual had no concept or respect when asked to do a simple task.

I had to show some restraint at the beginning then I got extremely upset to get this done. It was a wild ride but sometimes in life we have to close the doors and make sure they are shut for good and never to bare-open no matter what!

The focus has been on the pups and my next moves, from getting the websites up and running with some slight modifications. Trimming down the sites, having a different perspective on life.

We have to remember that when doors are being closed others are opening. It might not be noticeable at first, however; when we are looking at the small changes that are happening, we can see the magic of the Universe unfolding in front of us.

I have witnessed the changes that are happening, I also acknowledged them as well. I am grateful for everything I have accomplished so far. This is the journey of transformation we are on, there is no wrong path when you finally have walked away from what kept us from our life.

The breath of life is back in our steps, we are feeling focused while finally enjoying being back in our body and mind, feeling our spirit in our heart. Feeling the Universe has our back is the most humbling experience as well.

Moving forward with a focus on the next steps. One thing most people do is looking back, reminiscing about the past. It is tempting, however; when we are moving on the game is called “not looking back “. It might be tempting to go back or daydream, but this doesn’t help us at all.

Let go and let’s fly to the next experience that is awaiting us.