The saga of the pups 146

The saga of the pups is still going strong, we are enjoying our morning rise. I have found my tennis racket, to be honest it is making my life easier. Let the fun begin; it works like a charm actually. Loulou is chasing the ball further.

Which equals to more burning energies, Dottie chewing her ball is still chasing the one for Loulou. It is again equal to burning energy and getting her run, while Mac is just chilling around, he doesn’t chase he just lays down or walks around the field.

Watching what is going on in the parking lot or across the street. We had an unexpected visitor in the parking lot for the past couple of days. The first time I took the dogs back and left, I did not know what this individual was doing.

I wanted to make sure I got all of them in one spot, the field is pretty big. Even if Dottie and Loulou are always near each other Mac likes to wander. I am just like a mama helicopter especially when it is pitch dark.

Last week I was laughing, the three troublemakers managed to turn the bed’s cover upside down. It was such a mess I could not even keep up with them. Instead, I had to find a creative way to go to bed, while all of them looked like a bench of whales laying across it.  

It is one more reason I love pups, from running around to chasing after a ball, it is always fun. They have also learned to not chase the geese, even if Dottie is ready to go after them if needed. We have our good times, and we have the crazy time.

Walking with them is a great thing, however; I always have to be on the lookout for bikers that will not yield to walkers and people who have dogs.