Shadow work

In order to get through that dark night of the soul period, God had to take everything apart and rebuild it. It wasn’t a pleasant experience, however it transformed me to who I needed to become.

Going through extreme transformation like I did wasn’t for the faint of heart! But it brought me to a place of peace and unconditional love with a new perspective on life.

Also, it showed me that my heart is still pure and so are my intentions. Being able to see ourselves in the mirror every day, seeing our spirit shining brightly. Wisdom is something we acquire through the years.

I have gained more than expected, forgiveness played an essential role as well during that period. Letting go of the hurts, pain and sorrow removing the burden from the past has been fruitful.

Most people who are wounded are unable to let it go, they are blinded by the pain they have felt. If they only learned to heal it would change their lives forever. I have seen people continue to hurt because of rejection or abandonment syndrome.

When you learn to integrate the anger and resentment in our lives it becomes part of you. Letting it go is nearly impossible if you are not willing to become someone new.

Making it part of your daily life is like changing a pattern, it takes time, however; in this case people are afraid to let it go. The reason is if I do let it go what’s next? They are afraid that without it they are not going to be able to find a new purpose.

They want peace but do not know how to live without it.  They are lingering for peace. Doing shadow work will help anyone to transform their life. Only oneself can decide.