The saga of the pups 145

The saga of the pups never stops, with a lot of fun! Enjoying the field today was no exception. Loulou was so funny running between Dottie and Mac who were at the opposite end of the field. Trying to figure out who was the most fun.

It is good because Loulou has a lot of energy, morning is the idyll time for him to start with. This little troublemaker is also very smart. We had a lot of fun for sure, we went for a walk afterward with everyone.

Mac tried again to turn around, but I did not budge this time. It was a good walk, slow but beautiful with the pups. Back at home Dottie and Loulou got into it, it was crazy playtime. Loulou could not dominate Dottie, but it was fun to hear him complaining about it.

Feeding time is also seeing those three pups turning into beggars while I am trying to eat my breakfast or any meal.  They are very good at turning from little monsters to poor lads in the snap of a finger! I have no idea how they learned this, but I cannot look them in the eyes when I am eating otherwise, I am going to give in.

They are funny that way, the rest of the day is Loulou going after Mac and Dottie being a referee once in awhile. They are great pups, and I am proud of each of them. Loulou is a charmer he loves to check on mama while in the office.

Wanting mama’s attention while I am working, and Mac who doesn’t like when he is in bed to have me on my IPad. He would push it with his paws so he could get my attention, even if I give attention to him, he always finds a way to try to push it off of my lap.