Standing our ground

Empowering our creativity is the essence of who we are. Not everyone will grow up with a family that is open to it. We can keep our dreams in our mind and fostering them as we would our secret garden.

I have done that since I was a small child. Dreaming big is the key to use to move our lives to the next level. Living with regrets is something I do not want to do, taking the leap of faith and hope for the best sounds a little crazy for some of us.

But we cannot move to the next level if we do not take any risks. We are exposing ourselves to the outer conditions we are in. I would not want to give my powers away in order to comply to anything or anyone.

We have to be bold, I realized when I came here many many years ago, if I was not going to speak up no one would. So, I started to stand my ground, did this make me popular? Not at all but at least I was able to steer in the right direction.

It is not a popular contest here unless we are entering a pageant contest. I am not the one who loves to follow but instead take the road less travel. Being bold is to be ourselves regardless of our outer conditions.

We have to follow our life purpose while navigating the raging river that is our lives. We are the master of our own destiny, giving our powers away doesn’t make us unaccountable for our own actions.

May as well be in the driver seats at that point so we can fully navigate our journey. Being inspired by planting the right seeds in our own garden. Attending to our dreams and letting them come to fruition is our goal.