The effects of Mercury Retrograde

We are in the last week of Mercury retrograde; it has been a roller-coaster as we are in the final week. We all have to deal with situations and people that are acting up.

Even the ones that are reappearing out of the blue, we have to stay grounded and at peace. Being tested again and again! At times it feels like we are in the middle of a circus, and this is not our monkey!

Closing cycles and doors, reviewing what has not been completed is part of it. Understanding when we are in retrograde helps us to stay in a state of peace regardless of being pushed around.

This is why meditating and taking care of our own self is so essential. Learning our limits and standing our ground. Creating a new mantra or mindset is the key, easier said than done.

However, when we stand in our powers, we are able to see the bigger picture. We are not in a state of panic. Instead, we are calm and able to take the next step without being weary.

The life of a thousand is learning to be flexible and creative in our own ways. Reminding ourselves we have what it takes to make the impossible possible. I have learned to become more flexible and creative this year, more than ever.

It is time to continue to persevere in our journey, seeing the outcome we want and not what we don’t want. Keep faith one day at a time, one minute at a time.

Getting going and pushing through the boundaries and limits to reach our final destination, our goals. What would it take for us to live our dream lives? Creating our own path? Being able to follow our destiny?

There is sometimes a lot at stake, but it is worth the pain and headaches.