The saga of the pups 144

Finally, the weather is cooling off, I forgot to take a jacket this morning. The wind felt very good and again Loulou was more like a mad cow. Trying to take down Mac, chasing the ball. It was great!

Loulou is an extremely smart dog, yesterday we were on the field. I could not see the ball, so I asked him to find it. It did not took long for him to go and get the ball. I never trained him or asked that command before.

He is a great dog, too smart for his own good at times. We had a good walk afterwards. I left Mac’s baby in the garage on purpose because he was too heavy to carry for a long walk.

They still have a lot of fun in the morning and the fact Mac is chilling is great. Dottie is starting to pick up on Mac’s habit she did it today. Sitting with her ball and chilling.

I always take two balls, one for Dottie and one for Loulou. Mac loves to hangout until he goes on a funny chase. Yes, funny because he starts on his own and gets both of them running after him.

This is part of the fun, when Mac decides to have some more fun in his life. At home is a fun time as well, I must admit they get an extra treat in the morning. I make an omelet since I am not a huge fan of them, they get a bite at the end… I know bad mama but cannot help myself.

As the weather is starting to cool down, we are going to be challenged a little. So, time to have some fun before we meet mother winter.  Hopefully we still have some good days coming.