The saga of the pups 119

Today we are back again at the field. Dottie was supposed to have her stiches removed Monday. However, she popped some a week ago and it looks like when we went to the vet on Monday the rest of the stiches fell out which was good because I was concern about her stress level.

We all went, afterwards, to the field and I let them run free. She ran last weekend on the lake and in the backyard. It was fun to watch them having super fun. The poor girl was under my watch. Yes, she must have felt she was wearing an ankle bracelet that would follow her everywhere.

She was patient with me, and it paid off. So, day 2 we went back this morning, early. Mac and Dottie teamed up to go and chase Loulou. The poor boy had no chance and was on the snow battling both of them.

I did intervene a couple of times so he could have a little break. It was fun to watch them. It gave me some time to ground myself, I was happy to be able to breathe and see the beautiful sky.

We are now quietly at home. The pups got a treat this morning and Loulou is still working on it. We are going back to the lake tomorrow for a quiet time. They were so good.

Mac has learned to be off leash and he is good at listening to the commands. We had a lot of fun last Sunday as well. Because of the amount of snow, the lake was covered with nice fluffy snow.

They all had a great time running around, even Mac surprised me.  He is the kind of boy who will run for a few minutes. This time around he did a long run, I was proud of him. Dottie had a lot of fun and needed to catch up on her run.

The day was a BLAST!!!!!!!!!