Moving on

We are a day from DJ’s funeral in Europe. I am glad his sisters are going to be there. Caroline, the mother of his child is taking care of everything. It has been hard on her and Shayana her daughter. We have been communicating since the news of his passing.

It has affected her at a very deep level, like it did with me. We have been shaken to the core. While we are leaning on each other to move forward we are sharing stories about him; he was such a great person. We could see our stories to be similar on how DJ was.

We shared some funny stories from creating chaos when he was doing his CB amateur radio. He was stubborn but a driven person that would not take any prisoners. He was an inspiration for our lives. Family can be form and broken apart, however; we can find in others the family and support we need.

I am blessed we are going to continue to carry his legacy so Shayana can continue to learn about her father. We are forming a bond that will support Shayana in her journey. She is like DJ, strong and determined. Extremely bright and loving girl.

I can’t wait to see who she is going to become; the future is bright for her. We are in mourning period, and I know life is going to take over sooner or later. But for now, I am basking in the memories of DJ. I am looking forward to meeting them in the near future.

Being able to visit DJ’s resting place but also letting Caroline guide me where he used to shop and walk. That will be a warming feeling for me. I am looking forward to doing that and continue to share stories and laughter with Caroline and Shayana.