Time for me time

It has been an extremely quiet month and I can’t wait to be in March. Things are starting to move slowly but still we need to get things rolling around here. 

I had a great interview from a magazine about what I am doing. It was fun to be interviewed. I am always on the other seat so this time it was my turn. 

It was a 30-minute conversation, at the end Brett mentioned to me he was going to interview Angela. 

Angela is my partner in crime on Alignable. She is a phenomenal networking person. I truly enjoy doing events with her, she is so energetic and welcoming. 

Health, wise it looks like I am back to square one with another little challenge. It was interesting to text my doctor while I was, I must say swearing he was doing the same as well. 

At least that made me laugh to have someone that is down to earth and will take the way we all should. Once in a while we can look at the sky, our arms in the air and say “what the freak people “?

So back to the drawing board of self-care and having a little love towards me for the next few days. 

It has already improved since last night, but I still need a little more love to get going. So, this brings me back to continue my podcast. I think tomorrow will be a better day to do that.

I also am looking forward to the next few weeks. I know change is in the air and I can’t wait to see what the Universe has in store for all of us. 

I can’t wait for spring to return. We are facing snow right now but I would love to see it all melting away so we can move forward to a better place and for the pups being able to go outside without freezing.