Focusing in our journey

It is a great week to finally put things in motion, a lot to do and a little time to make it happen. I am going to do an encore presentation of the masterclass for people who have not attended. I have to get the next masterclass ready as well the topic all about sales.

This has been a great start; we have a couple of in-person networking events happening next week. This should be great to see. It is a time of inspiration, of renewal, learning to break the glass ceiling that keeps us down.

We are supposed to rise or stay somewhere we do not belong. Life is magical if we let the universe in our lives. I have no regrets to have cut off all ties with my past life, I have been driven to elevate myself for my highest purpose.

It also has been painful to say goodbye to the people we loved once but it has been a blessing to finally turn my back on the past that wasn’t for my highest good. It might be a mixed bag of emotions looking back for a few minutes.

But at the end it was worth to do it, the unknown is magical it is transformative of the life we are living. It is a time of co-creation of wonders. Seeing how perfect synchronicity can help us to create that perfect moment when everything is just perfect.

It always feels like walking on water, watching the universe in action is amazing. I have seen the magic in my life and the lives of others. It is humbling to recognize the magic is all around us. So, let’s move on and co-create with the universe the world we want to materialize.

I have no regrets. I have learned everything I needed to know, now it is time to have some fun with the universe and find my inner child to create the world of wonders I so wanted to experience.