The saga of the pups 111

Ah, the saga of the pups! The weather has been good for us. It is melting time for now. We are still in January, so this means we still have cold and snow to deal with. The life of the thousand is the life of wonders.

Going to the field has been good…. twice a day to let the pups run free. It is always great to see Dottie starting the chase. Yes! The girl loves to be the boss and she knows it.

Especially when it comes to speed, she is the most interesting dog ever. I even watched the expression on her face changing to almost a smile. She truly enjoys the chase.

Loulou is the one who can keep up with her, he even learned to clip her to stop her. I think he watched Mac doing it. This morning was fun to watch the three of them running.

To make it even more interesting we went out early to the field, it was raining. Normally Mac would not stay outside, however it was so nice, and the rain was so light he did not even notice it.

That was good I wanted him to have some fun which he did. We had a power nap earlier this afternoon then I took them back to the field where they all had a lot of fun.

I must say it is enjoyable for them since the snow is soft for the pups to run on. It has been a great day for sure, the pups are now sleeping after a well deserve break and Mac’s fur is still wet.

Will see what tomorrow will bring but for now we are truly enjoying our day. Dottie has been faced with the challenging fact that the lock system has changed, and she cannot remove the cover for the batteries.