Changes in our lives

Well things are good, it has been a good weekend, working on a few things while the pups and I had fun. Today is raining but the temps are wonderful. It feels like spring, I would say a little relief for us here. The snow is melting but we still have a way to go since we had a few storms that brought us some accumulation.

I am enjoying a quiet day with a lot of things to get done, this includes my podcast. We are in the last few days of Mercury Retrograde just looking at moving forward in our lives. Changes have come so quickly in a positive way.

The vision board is almost done, this was an interesting process this time around. Instead of two boards I only used one. It looks like the shift and leaning I have been doing for the past several months is also reflecting on my vision board.

Sometime the simplest way is the best way, we always say keep it simple! This is exactly what I am doing now. Looking at what is for my highest good and what kind of contribution this would do the world. Some few things had to go in order to focus on what needs to be moved to the next level.

So, looking back at what I had on my vision board last year, I made some wise modifications to finally stay on track and give me a chance to spend time with my loved ones. Doing more things brings fulfillment to my life.

I have worked hard since I was a kid, we grew up in an era that was “work hard”, this motto was part of my life. Focusing on the job, taking vacation when I was thinking about it, which was every few decades. Learning to let go of the work mode and finally be present in my life.