Last week of Mercury Retrograde

Ah, the joy of Mercury Retrograde when things go wrong. Missing communications, some frustration and add sprinkles of human madness. This is what we get during those three weeks. People are now feeling the heat of the last week before it goes full retrograde.

This week was a good week, we had a lot to do at home with the pups and for me the adventures never end. Which is good, I love the fact that I had to do my first masterclass on how to grow your business quickly.

It took me a few days to prepare the presentation, I wasn’t about to do it last week. I will blame Mercury Retrograde on this one. On Monday I had it down ready to be reviewed, I was excited and made some changes at the last minute.

By Thursday I was ready to go, it was great to be able to share how to grow your profit quickly. The audience was responsive, asking great questions. It was an interactive group I truly love when I can engage with people.

It is not easy to do a masterclass for an hour, not knowing your audience makes it even more challenging. However, when we believe in ourselves, we can truly make people at ease. That was a great thing to do.

I also talk about being authentic and not trying to copy everyone around us will attract the right people into our business. It went over by 15 minutes, but it was worth it. I will do another encore next month. Our next masterclass is all about sales.

I am super excited to be able to do this. Afterwards I will have speakers other than myself. May as well share the knowledge so others can learn from it. Again, this is our last week of Mercury Retrograde, stay mindful and be at peace.