The saga of the pups 110

Having some fun is what it is all about with the pups. This week was no exception to the rules in the pups’ world. We went to the vet for an early checkup for Mac & Dot. I must say my big baby needs to lose a little of his voluptuous self.

Dottie wasn’t about to let anyone approach her. She decided to make herself known as a good mama since she was hiding behind me, I decided to let her know it was safe and OK. Then came time for nail trimming.

Mac is an easy-going boy; however, Dottie is not so much. To my surprise when she came back to the room, she did very well. I was very pleased to hear that because normally she will fight the tech.

We also had to deal with ice and snow. Yes, imagine after the snow came, next to the ice. Now the pups are trying to walk on the snow, but it is more challenging for them since each step they take they would first stand on the top of the snow. Then when the ice broke, they would sink down.

It was actually funny to watch Dottie trying to navigate the field. Loulou, who is lighter, was able most of the time to keep himself on the top of the snow. The temps are too cold for us to stay outside for long outside. But we had a lot of fun each time we went to the field. Now it is time for the pups to relax.

There are no dull moments in this house, from morning to night. Someone is always doing mischief. They are all doing well and adjusting to our lives here at home. It has been more relaxing for Dottie, and I am proud how far she has come along.