The vision I have

We have so much going on right now between masterclasses, online-networking and in-person networking. Things are moving in the right direction; I have time to meet business owners who need help.

Providing advice to people who need help is great. My schedule has changed as well, having to deal with the pups. It is all about them and the business, funny enough if I leave the house for more than an hour one of those little troublemakers pulls the entry rug and tries to eat it!!

Yes, someone cannot open the door like a girl I know aka Dottie. I even changed the lock to make sure if she does something wrong with the lock I can get back inside.

I never had a dog that was that observant, she does more than I thought she would. We are in the last week of Mercury Retrograde, it is time to keep things flowing the way they are supposed to go.

Not pushing anything just going with the flow. Building relationships and continuing to grow the group I managed on Alignable. It is always a juggling act to be your own boss.

It is all worth it.  I would never have imagined the path I am on would be this one. I had a different idea but somehow the universe reminded me it is where I need to be. Keeping faith and focus on the action and goals.

It is time to also do the vision board. This weekend it will be part of my project if no one walks on it. I have an idea of what I want in it, but I need to think about it.

This weekend is going to be the ideal time to do it and get ready to have some fun. Yes, this year it is the year of fun and laughter, traveling would be great with companionship.