The saga of the pups 109

We had a fun morning with the pups. Yesterday we went to the lake where the pups had a lot of fun. Mama did, however, have some little payback with Dottie and Loulou. While we have been experiencing over knees’ high snow, I took Dottie and threw her in the snow, it was funny to watch her buried under the snow. I did the same with Loulou.

I was chasing after them to catch them and would do it over and over. We had so much fun, both loved it very much! It was a blast when we came back home, they all crashed. You might ask where was Mac?

Well, the boy is a smart one, he decided not to participate in these activities. Today the kids were ready to go to the field. I wasn’t sure if the road to access the field had been plowed. When we arrived by the road, I realized it wasn’t and did not want to take a chance to be stuck again in it. Even though I have an all-wheel drive.

I decided to take the other entry to the road to see if I could park by. As we arrived at the intersection, I hit a patch of ice. Lucky no one was on the road so my car slide directly to the main road. It felt like for a second I was in the movie being chased.

No, I did not use my breaks on a patch of ice no need for that!! We arrived near the other entrance of the road, it was plowed. However, the field parking lot was not, only a narrow area was cleaned up. I did not want to venture outside of the plowed area. So, we parked the car there and the adventure began.

 Everyone got out of the car, we started our climb to the field. The snow was over knee high, we were in full expedition with the pups. The gate we normally used was stuck in the ice, only Loulou could sneak in. I decided to use another entrance.

As we were making our way to the other gate, the snow was so deep the pups were behind me while I was paving the way. I was able to open the gate enough for all of us to get inside. Loulou was a flying squirrel since it was too deep for him. Mac and Dottie where deep in the snow.

We had a good time then decided to go back home. Mac though we would use the regular gate which was impossible to open. We started to make our way to the second gate while Mac was watching us. He realized we were moving toward the other gate and proceeded to run to join us.

Loulou this time was leading the pack back to the car. Mac, who was off leash, decided to take the initial path we did when we arrived while we decided to go a different way that was shorter. Everyone came back to the car, and we left and got safely back home.