My goals

As the little ones have quiet down, it is time for me to relax a little. Yes, it has been a great couple of weeks working on projects but also enjoying some fun. Being at home while winter storms are raging outside.

This is going to be a long white winter, keeping the pups busy while working has been a little challenging at times with Mac. Yes, the big baby has been in need of attention from me. I set up another office in the living room so the pups can signal to me when they want to go outside.

I think my mistake was having the chair next to the couch. I thought it would be easier for them so they could sleep near me. Well Mac mister smarty pants decided it is a great way to also get my attention. Yes, the boy has been using his paws and pulling on my arm.

Not once but every time I have been done petting him. It would go on for hours like that, trying to let him know it is a big no no will not stop him doing that. Bribery worked but again I do not want the boy to become a treats addict either.

So, as I am done working for the day, I will shift my attention to him before I continue my next project. Life of a thousand is not boring in this household, it has been a great ride and I know this will continue throughout next year.

I am glad to be safe at home with the pups and looking forward to next year. Welcoming the magic of the universe in my life. Keeping my focus on my dreams and goals, while moving forward in the world of wonders.

We can create our own opportunities.