The saga of the pups 108

I love my pups! They have provided me with a lot of surprises this year. From Dottie learning on how to open the doors to Mac still being the big baby while continuing to influence the tribe. It is a time to see who came into our lives and who we parted away from as well.

The theme for me when it comes to animals is protecting them. That has been something I have done to ensure an animal will not be in harm’s way. Some people are unable to take care of them but somehow, they think they can.

This is the reason we need to step in so nothing can happen to them. The weather is still not cooperating with us. This means staying indoors and keeping the gang busy! Easier said than done at times but with the help of tennis balls and Mac’s babies it has been a blast!

The weather is supposed to warm up, so we are looking forward to having some well-deserved fun at the field. Let them run free and have some good old fun in the snow. I have absolutely not regretted having those little babies running around.

Waking me up at 1:00 AM to go potty, like a well tune clock and a few hours later it is feeding time!!! Those guys are so wonderful and beautiful spirits. I love them up to the moon and back.  It has been so much more to be in their presence.

Whatever life throws at us I know we will have no issue dealing with it. It has been a blessed journey with those incredible pups. They are witty and way too smart for their own goods, but they are pups.

I know more adventures on the horizon for 2023, I can’t wait to share it with all of you!