Live Presentation

I had a blast yesterday when I was presenting at the Chamber of Commerce a topic about marketing online. It was actually fun to do. As the meeting we had took longer than expected people did stay and listen to my presentation. Even though I had to squeeze it, I had fun at one point……. the mic stopped working.

I decided to make a joke about it and apologized to the front row to raise my voice until the mic was fixed. It was great to survey the room as I was speaking and see people agreeing with the topic. I would say engaging with me.

I had to brave the storm on the road coming back, but it was worth it. I am glad about the years of doing podcasts and live streaming that I have done. One of the biggest things is to be able to speak even when technical issues arise.

Keeping cool when this happens by keeping our audience engaged. They came out of the presentation with valuable information that will help them with their own marketing. I am glad it was done since I have more coming up next week with the office hours where I will be live on alignable for people to ask questions.

I also have the online networking hour that I will be hosting. Things are moving in the right direction; I am truly looking forward to it. The life of a thousand, the transformation within us is so important and also incredible.

It is not easy to be who we truly are, but we are the masters of our own destiny, and I am more than happy to go through the ups and downs of those transformations and elevate myself to the next experience.

Never underestimate who we truly are.