It is always fun when it gets closer to the holidays, I add more lights in the front yard. They are all solar lights which is nice, I love the festive month that starts with Thanksgiving. It reminds me of when I used to work in retail to see what I called the “crazies” running into the store.

Already stamping on each other for one item. It was mayhem, I was horrified to see people with the worst side of them coming out. Security was always there to make sure it was not going to go out of control, but you always had that one shopper that could not help themself.

But doing their own shopping in someone else’s cart or even using their shopping cart as a weapon… It was always a pure delight for me to shop on the opposite side of the store while everyone was fighting over the hottest toys.

As we are approaching the end of the year, I am grateful for this year. It has not been a quiet year but in retrospective it has been an interesting year. Full of ups but a lot of down as well, like a crazy roller coaster.

I still found myself happy to be where I am today. I just wished some of those crazy life lessons would have been in a short version instead of long and dragging one… I am now reflecting on how the pups have grown and matured.

Yeah, next year will be their 4th birthday we are almost out of the teenage year.. I am happy to have been able to have done so much in my life and am looking forward to seeing what else this for me is there to do.

With no regrets, I have accomplished what I always wanted to do and some more. Inviting perfect synchronicity into my life. I have been blessed in many ways to learn everything I had to learn.