The saga of the pups 103

I must laugh again…. The pups are at it again! This time it was Mac, the snow has moved a long way from us. However, it is cold!  We should not complain about the snow since Buffalo NY got 6 feet of snow. So back to the pups, Mac was so excited and ready to go for a walk.

It took a few minutes to put the harnesses on Mac & Dottie. They both were excited to go outside. I was also ready for a walk, but this changed very quickly. Yes, Mac just decided after he went potty to just turned around.

There was no point in trying to convince him to even try to go to the end of the driveway! I started to laugh poor Dottie was following like a good lady she is. So, we dropped the boy upstairs and went for a long walk!

I let Miss Dot decide where on the trail we should start. She was on a mission to go for a long walk! Even though it was cold she decided an hour’s walk would be good for the both of us. It was fun to watch her lead.

We came back home the boy was just having too much fun lunging on the sofa. Moving forward to the afternoon, everyone was ready to go for another walk. This time we made it beyond the driveway but shy again to the trail.

We all turned around and Mac was released this time Dottie wasn’t going to have it. She decided to turn around as a signal to me she was ready to go. We had a good twenty-minute walk, it was fun this time we took another path.

It is getting colder, and we are done for today, it is time for all of us to just enjoy a quiet evening.