My inspiration

I recorded a short answer from the Wisdom app question: “Putting the effort was the only way I got to**

Well, this was a great question that comes down to one thing. In order to get what we want; we must realize we have to learn to roll up our sleeves and do the work. The secret is by doing the work we are actually becoming the trailblazer.

Learning to be the leader in our own life is an amazing feeling. Welcoming the changes in our life is the most challenging but also rewarding path we will ever have. Everyone wants to rule the world in some way, shape or form.

Keeping our own desires and ambitions a float so that we can be someone or something that will be remembered by everyone. Unfortunately, the game of life is not played this way at all. The Universe will always remember who we truly are.

From the simple nudge to the big smack behind the head! We are not here to be above someone else, it is not a competition, instead we have to learn from each other. This is the biggest challenge we have to learn.

When we are gaining wisdom, we are in a better position to understand the game of life. I am currently listening to one of my inspirational bands “Tears for Fears” and their music back then that is still relevant today. It always takes me back to the 80’s…… my teen years.

The fun we had, we were carefree, we had no idea what life had in reserve for us. It was a great time where we could be free of everything. I still enjoy that feeling of freedom I had at that age. I am using it to channel the positivity around me.

It has been a crazy ride and listening to them just transports me to a great place of creation.