I am relaxing tonight. The pups are finally sleeping until it is time to go to bed. It has been an eventful week. With some great ups and some crazy downs. I am currently watching some fun movies on Netflix…. yes, French movies.

I have some great networking online that I am going to host. That is exciting. I am looking forward to expanding the group. The life of wonders is always around the corner. I am enjoying doing my exercises again.

Taking the time to ground myself and finally going back to basics. It has been a wild ride this year. It is time to set the pace where I want to be. I have made some choices this year that brought me back to where I needed to be.

It is amazing to see our lives changing and evolving, the season is upon us for reflecting on our lives. It is so much more fun to enjoy a moment of happiness.

Strangely enough, even though things have been a little upside down it is always best to be in our lives. I am surprised how the Universe can respond to our needs. In times of chaos, becoming the observer in our own life can show us how perfect synchronicity works.

I am humbled to have seen changes happening quickly, people leaving my life and others coming to support me on my journey. I have witnessed greatness when darkness surrounds me. I have seen madness in the hearts of others that are misguided by their egos.

It is part of the transformation we are going through. Staying open to the changes that are coming our way. Even if this is not easy every day, again keeping our focus on the outcome is the key. Letting our spirit guide us is the key for us to overcome any challenges.