Saga of the pups 102

As the snow is falling Loulou is getting naughtier. The boy cannot help himself but creates trouble. He had a lot of fun with the snow, running and eating the snow at the same time. I know he cannot help himself.

While Mac and Dottie are facing the wind, Loulou is pushing them. I had to keep him on one side so the other two could enjoy their walk. It is fun to watch them playing but like the weather Loulou seems a little too receptive to the madness of the season.

Keeping on track is challenging, from waking us in the early morning to going outside to checking what we are always doing. It is non-stop madness, if am going quietly into the kitchen the boy will follow me, in case I decide to feed him again.

He loves to follow me, but his face is so cute, like Mac, his frowning and looking puzzled. I went for a long walk with Dottie and Loulou this afternoon even though the weather had cooled off. I was expecting Mac to do a solo short walk. Instead, the boy was ready to have some fun with mama, so we did a long walk.

It is fun to get those guys separately. It gives me a chance to bond with them but also appreciate their demeanor. Dottie is way more relaxed alone than when we are with the pack, she will put her boss’s hat on which is not what I want her to do.

They are now relaxing; it is time to sleep so I can finally unwind. I made some family recipes……. lasagna, so it is now time for me to be transported back home. The holidays are around the corner, and I can’t wait to see the lights and outside decorations.