Leadership mishap

One of the first blogs I wrote was about leadership. It was a few years ago after realizing how much different companies and leaders are operating. Today I am reflecting on a situation that just happened.

I had several conversations with business coaches and business owners about leadership. We always talked about the leadership servant role each leader should be to help their team.

Somehow when people get promoted or hired to leadership positions not many companies would look at providing those new leaders some support. I had to experience one of the most horrifying conversations I had in a very longtime.

It was about delivery, and by hearing that leader, the stress that person was under they could not transmute it. Not at all! Instead, it reminded me of Attila during a campaign, ravaging everything along the path.

The conversation turned extremely negatively more like someone unleashing their stress. It was chocking to hear every word that was coming out of that person mouth.

At the end it was someone who had not been trained formally on how to be a good leader. As I took a step back after the interaction, I realized I wasn’t the only one who had experienced the wrath of that person.

When we talk about leadership something comes to mind is how do we speak to our subordinates, how do we show restrain when we are faced with stress? Finding a way to be courteous without bringing the fear of God into these people.

The issue when acting this way creates a gap within the team. You never know how that person will act from time to time. It brings distrust but also will cut the lines of communication.

It doesn’t make the work environment productive. It also was a great reminder as a leader to be kind and mindful when speaking with people.

Again, companies should have mandatory coaching for their leadership team.