The saga of the pups 94

Ah the joy of dealing with the pups. It has been a great September, so far, the kids are enjoying their fun days. While mama is at work the little ones are running free in the backyard. I love to see them adjusting to Loulou.

As much as they are doing it, it is time to teach the little one some of the commands. It seems like he had not been taught to eat from his own plate neither to respect Mac & Dot’s plates. He has by now started to adjust to the feeding schedule.

He is still impatient, but he has learned to stop jumping around at the time of the feeding. Amazingly enough Mac & Dot have a lot of patience with him. Mac has become his best buddy; Mac lets him jump on him every chance he gets.

They are enjoying each other; however, at times there is arguments and fighting. Dottie however loves to snatch their toys and have a chase around the track that was created in the backyard. Loulou would be chasing after her while Mac waits patiently at the end of the track to catch her.

It is hilarious to watch her doing it, each time they are chasing after her. She loves to play with those guys and at times she loves to chase after Mac. Loulou is always behind them until he can be part of the game.

The kids had a great day today.  It was fun taking down the dahlias what made it even more fun was to watch Dot checking on me and Loulou visiting me. It was a fun day!  They finally got that field back so they can chase after each other.

They have more space to have fun before the winter comes. I had a lot of fun watching them chasing after each other. It is now time for those little ones to rest, everyone is now resting on the bed until tomorrow.