The saga of the pups 93

The saga of the pups is still going strong it is early morning Mac & Dottie are sleeping in the living room. Loulou is in the office on his bed sleeping and smiling. He must be dreaming of food….

Yesterday we went to the tennis court. It was the first time for Loulou to enjoy running on the court chasing a ball. Dottie was all about business. The girl was on a mission to exercise and have fun with her own ball while Mac (true to form) was eating the ants. Yes, Mac loves the delicacy of hunting them and eating them.

We had some fun and then it was time to walk around the premises. The pack had fun doing their final walk before we head back home. It was a fun hour with them. The weather is still hot but soon we will meet the cooler weather.

The evening was uneventful we did a second walk. This time Mac and Loulou got out first and I thought because of the weather Mac would do a short walk. Instead, he decided a longer one would be more fun. Loulou did keep up with us very well, although he was exhausted at the end. I had to take a little break before I went with Dottie. Yes, this girl waited patiently for me to be ready for our own walk! We did the same walk I did with the boys. It was fun and a busy day for all of us.

This morning we all went outside before breakfast was served. Then I took Loulou outside, but this time we heard the coyotes. At the sound of them Loulou took off running for home. Even though they were not close to us, he was just afraid of that sound and them. I followed him and made sure he got inside safely. It was funny to watch him going up the stairs ready to go inside without looking back!