The saga of the pups 90

So, as I was stating on our last blog, we have a new addition coming to the pack. Yes! Dot & Mac are going to get another bro! It should be coming soon…. from Texas again.
This time it is going to be one that will keep Dottie on her paws… I hope a small dog with a lot of energy. We are going to see what she is going to be doing with this one.

She is always bossing Mac most of the time but with this little one she might become a mama! Yes, this little girl who is smarter and cleaver might have found her match!

She loves to run around and have fun. I will see if she can keep up with this mini version of herself. I can’t wait to see how it is going to unfold. For now, the pups are relaxing on the bed.

Yes! When I left, they were hanging on the bed enjoying the AC. It has been cooler today, but we still are in the 80 degrees so for safety we are keeping them inside as much as possible!
Mac is still enjoying his babies while Dottie has found a way to become a scavenger dog. Yes, she has learned a bad habit a while ago and it is to put her nose into the garbage can near the sink.
She is restless when it comes to searching for food. Which she should not since they are both well feed! But somehow, she likes to check what is going on in the can.
For now, the sun is slowing moving into the sunset as I am enjoying the night. It is time for those two troublemakers to rest. Not knowing that soon enough a third pup will be joining them in this home.  I have no idea what I am going to deal with but one more addition to the pack will not be that bad!