Another Day Another Story

Enjoying myself winding down after a day of work and fun! Even on Sundays work doesn’t stop. I had a great podcast recording this morning with an amazing lady! It was fun to talk to her about what she has done. We had so much more fun afterwards with the pups.

Yes, those troublemakers are still open to having some fun. We got a pool for Dottie which she has not fully used to her full advantage. Mac got a new toy, and we found a couple more that where around the garage when we moved things around.

It was nice to see him losing his mind not knowing which one to take! It was so much fun to see him having fun and enjoying himself. As the day went on, we had a chance to have some fun with a nice walk and joy unwinding.

It was a nice day. More to come as the days are getting busier with a lot of things to do. The weather is going to get hotter so I think the pool Dottie got will be shared with us as well. So far Dottie has managed to be in the pool.

Mac, however, is avoiding anything that has to do with water. As the temperatures have climbed higher, we have been keeping the pups inside longer. It is a great for them to enjoy the outdoors, but safety comes first.

We are settling down while the pups are ready to run outside for a few minutes. I truly am enjoying those two troublemakers having some fun and being happy to run around the yard freely. I am blessed to be able to have some fun with them.

It has been challenging but the rewards are priceless to see them evolving. Such great pups!  They have been such a great part of my lives.