The saga of the pups 89

The story of Dottie! Today we are going to focus on my girl! Yes, she has done something I have only seen some of my cats doing in the past. I was working in the office and Miss Dot & Mac have been trying desperately to get to the chipmunks that are running in the backyard.

Well, unfortunately they have not been successful until now… As I was working, focusing on my laptop Miss Dot arrived impromptu with Mac behind her. I had no idea why she was coming near me, but she looked so proud.

Then suddenly hell broke loose literally, Dottie started to run in the office with Mac. She started to go under my desk, behind me looking into the bags. She became frantic I had no idea at that point what she had done until I saw a desperate little chipmunk trying to escape next to me via the window.

Unfortunately for that little fellow the window was wide open but the screen was up so he could not do that. Miss Dot quickly came around the desk trying to catch the little fellow. He was able to escape behind the door for a moment.

Miss Dot, with her flare, was able to track him down, she could not move the door she had to go around and see if she could find another angle. At that point I was trying to find a receptacle of some kind to catch him.

The room was so chaotic Mac, smart that he Is, was waiting outside for her to do the work. The little fellow came back to the window one more time. Dottie jumped into action one more time, but he finally was able to escape by the door!

Dottie and Mac tried to figure out where the little fellow left. Somehow, he was faster so they could not catch up with him. Dottie came back to the office trying to figure out if he came back. For the rest of the day, she came and checked back.

I have no idea if he left the house or was still roaming around somewhere. But I must say Dottie was so proud to bring me her catch. I was proud of her to show me that, my only remaining question is what she is going to bring home next…