The saga of the pups 87

Ah, those little pups are lovely, yes with the crazy hot weather we have been having we finally got a break. At this time, we are at the lake house, where they can come in and out freely. However, yes, there is a but coming soon.  

Knowing those little troublemakers, Mac again tested the gate to see if this was Mac proof and guess what.. someone, not mama. removed the main gate so guess what????? The boy started nonchalantly to push the gate.

But this time around I caught him before he did a papillon on me. It was funny to watch him looking at me reinforcing the entry. Yes! The boy did come around to see if this was Mac proof, again like a good mama knows how to do it.

We went with both at the lake, Dottie had so much fun swimming in the water it was great. She got her exercised done! However, Mac wasn’t going to have it, since he is not such a fan of water, he stayed with me on the grass while Dottie was having fun in the water.

He wasn’t as interested to doing anything it was still hot, and the shade was the best place for Mac and I to just have some time to play. After miss Dot exercised, we went back home to chill, it was a great evening while both were relaxing.

The next morning, I watched both chasing and racing after each other. Like kids they love to play with each other. I also noticed another dog near us has befriended Dottie. He was calling for her attention as well.

This is what I love the most with my pups, they are just like kids, they take any opportunity to be mischievous. The joy to have them can be challenging at times but it is rewarding to have them in my life.