What if!

The art of communication is challenging, speaking with people that are not on the same conversation or wave link makes it even more challenging. Not understanding each other is an uphill battle when we are trying very hard to connect.

Sometimes we are feeling too overwhelmed to even think for a minute to step back and look at the bigger picture. Sometimes the universe will bring people into our lives to give us information we need in order to move on.

Life is a journey of a thousand that is ever changing, we are energies, we are always on the move even though we might be in a standstill position right now. We are expected to always continue to move the energies within us.

As I am welcoming changes into my life, there comes a time we need to make the right decisions that will help us to continue on our journey. We always have the choice to stay where are or taking the leap of faith for a better life.

It is a strange time we are living in, as I am looking back at history. History is repeating its partners. It is the most powerful insight we might gained if we are looking at it. Are we willing to make the right changes in our lives?

Are we willing to forfeit what is not for our highest good?  Are we willing to forgive and let go? Are we willing to open our heart and let unconditional love flood in?

Are we ready to heal our past? Are we willing to accept the wonders of the magic of the universe?

Are we welcoming love into our lives? Are we respectful of our own desires? Are we willing to be who we truly are? Are we on the verge of the best choices we can make for ourselves?