The saga of the pups 86

My favorite subject to talk about is the pups. Yes! I know I sound like a crazy lady that would spent her time on Instagram filming and taking pictures of the pups.. Well, Yes! That’s what I love to do but also sharing their fun stories.

Yes, those two are always up to no good so I may as well share it with the rest of the world it is entertaining to talk about them. This time let’s set the scene….. Miss Dot and Mac are roaming the backyard.

They are having fun running around, then, suddenly Mac is sneaking out of the backyard via one of the entries that was supposed to be Papillon’s proof…. The boy now is running in the front land ready to go after whatever he is hunting.

In the meantime, Miss Dot is chasing after a dog that is running on the other side of the fence. Mac has reached the other side of the house not knowing where to come back in. Yes, the boy can escape but doesn’t know how to come back into the yard.

The neighbor, at this point, is alerting me while I am calling upon Mac to comeback from his escape! Lucky for me he has done that three time within the last hour and Miss Dot has not followed him at all. Even though I have the tracker on them at all times it is scary to think, with the traffic around, that something could happened to him.

But again, the boy is now back in the backyard and this time Mama has Papillon proofed that entry. So far so good no one has escaped! As I mentioned earlier those two are extremely observant, Miss Dot will open doors and copy what I am doing.

I can’t wait To see what these two are going to do next, even though it is not funny at times, they definitely brought entertainment into my life.