The lives we have

We are one day shy of entering into Mercury Retrograde. Yes! The joy of going for the next three weeks into the wild ride of Mercury is going to be interesting. Seeing what will be happening when we might be faced with the dance of the retrograde.

From miscommunication to chaos in our personal or professional lives it is going to be another adventure. Revisiting past situations that need to be healed so we can move on in our lives. It is also a great time to do a self-inventory of what do we need to let go of.

Those are the opportunities we are being given when we are dealing with Mercury. It sounds daunting to enter into that dance, but it is for our highest good.  We have to remind ourselves during these three weeks to not take it personally.

Instead, we have to be open to step back and become an observer so we can go through it with a lighter step. It is also a great time to sit back and take a mini vacation from the world if we can. Learning to focus on meditating and nurturing peace in our heart.

As we are going to move forward in mercury retrograde, we should also open ourselves up to compassion and empathy towards ourselves. Selfcare should be a must it is a great time to start to do it, we cannot be present in our lives if we are not doing it.

We are a story in motion that needs to move forward in our lives. Co-creating should be in the now, learning to open our heart to let our spirit guiding us in our path. What a great concept! Dreaming big and bold letting our inner child reconnect with us.

We are the magician in our own life