Vision Board

Ah! the joy to see ourselves changing and evolving. No, I am not getting senile yet but again the day is young. You never know what the universe has in reserve for me. It has been a great week so far; a lot of things are moving forward.

The vision board challenge ended tonight with a great celebration with Colette Baron-Reid. It has been a great 7-day challenge, from grounding ourselves looking at our intentions. The fun part is doing the actual board.

This time I have added less affirmations compared to last year. It is leaner and clearer; I am adding pictures this time around. It looks amazing to see what I have to do so far. The funny part of it is, I ran out of ink!!! I know…. who would run out of ink?

I had to wait for amazon to deliver more today. I will be printing them tomorrow first thing in the morning. It is always a great ride to do those boards, I must admit it is my second board. I used to do what I called a “grocery’s list”.

Just a set of intentions I wrote on a paper then put one copy on the bathroom mirror the other one in the kitchen. I could see it every day, so for the second year I am letting my creativity guiding me. Even last year’s board has some items that are still manifesting.

I am looking forward to this year, for sure it is going to be a great ride. A crazy ride full of fun and laughter. I am looking forward to seeing that is going to unfold and what form it is going to take! Therefore, I love to co-create with the universe.

We have to remind ourselves we are limitless; it is time to step up and claim our wildest dreams!