Saga of the pups 65

The pups are now resting after spending a day at doggy daycare. I always knew they would be resting the next day. But not this time around, they have had a great afternoon of fun in the snow. The weather has been complying this time around and it feels like springtime right now!

They have enjoyed chasing each other in the snow. The fun part was to start to throw snowballs to have both chasing after them. Mac got so into it that I could barely grab the snow he was attacking my cloves not allowing me even to form the snow as a ball.

I was laughing so hard while I was trying to make one, and I love looking at how Mac can get when he plays. It is something I need to record. He gets so into it that his laid-back side is gone, and his competitive side comes out. He will use anything to get it.

They had good fun and now it is time to settle down into the evening. Time for them to relax and enjoy a good night’s sleep. You never know what tomorrow will bring with the weather we have been having lately. Mother earth has been proven unpredictable.

I can’t wait to see what this year is going to bring us, from Mac having a tooth pulled during his dental clean up to having him back on diet. I am also looking forward to continuing to travel with both. They have been doing so well that I have no reason at this point to stop.

I have been blessed to have two dogs with two opposite temperaments. It has been a ride to get them where we are now, but it was all worth it. Mac has become more vocal when he wants something, and Miss Dot is my big girl who thinks she is a peanut!