Student of life

I had another fun time on the “Wisdom” App”, lately a lot of new people are coming on my show. Mary was one of them and I had so much fun speaking with her. She is from the East coast, great personality! We had such a great time.

I invited her to start her own show which finally she did! After three days she took the leap of faith. I was so proud of her I came as a guest on her show. It is always a joy to be able to see someone make that same leap of faith I did.

Not easy to speak live compared to recording a podcast, there is no net only you and the microphone.  Reminding we are on this app to share positivity through our conversation. It does not mean we are speaking about happy situations.

The way we are engaging and sharing our stories comes from a space of peace. It was fun to be on her show today, Mary has so many great stories to share, it is fun to listen to her. Last night on my show I had the privilege to speak with Joseph from London.

It was nice to share some stories but also connecting with people around the world. It is about communication, sharing in a loving way without forgetting our laughter. It is such a great experience to have, I would have never thought this was possible but again we are talking co-creating with the universe!

Nothing is impossible when we are partnering with the universe. I am expecting more fun coming around this year. Selfcare, laughter reconnecting with my inner child to spark all of it. Learning to play while working and learning, reminding myself we are all students of life.

This is the reason why we are here