Saga of the pups 63

The walk with the pups was great Mac has taken the led! Yes, he is now walking with the lead behind him. Like a free bird he is learning to walk by myside, no more pulling it is funny to watch him looking at me like a proud little boy.

Knowing he use to run for the hills if you ever let him lose to now being able to walk by my side without the urge to run away. What a great improvement for him however I will never let miss Dot walk near me like that.

This little girl is a hunter, and she could care less if you are calling her, she will follow her prey. She did that a few weeks ago when she realized we had rabbits that moved near the area where we were playing. She spotted one and went after the poor rabbit.

I did call her, but she did not listen she was focused on chasing it, fortunately the rabbit escaped, and she finally came back to us. Mac, however, has taken his role seriously by just walking by myside or leading us in our walk.

It is funny to see how serious and grown up He is taking is new responsibility with us. It just made me laugh such a good boy even though he has a tendency to be a little too lazy, not liking to walk much this morning he was inspired to lead us on the trail.

It was a nice walk, as the weather has been kinder to us, we are taking an opportunity to be outside. Everyone is wearing their booties and sweaters as well, so they do not freeze. It is going to be a quiet rest of the day as the pups are now napping and resting. I am looking forward to the next adventure!