Fields of dreams 2021

As I am looking back at 2021, I am still amazed at the adventures I have been part of. From trips with the pups out of state to weekend getaways up north it has been a great year for them. Just learning to enjoy new scenery and seeing how both will do.

It has been a lot of rollercoaster moments as well but what a great journey it has been! Overall, a lot of growth and opportunities came along, being challenged by life and outer conditions it has been a great fun ride.

Life has a way to take some detours that might not have been great if the life lessons were not learned. It has been great to see my podcast continue to grow with the opportunity to now connect with an entire community of thoughtful people.

The community has opened doors to fabulous collaborations and friendships! We are now more connected then ever, and it is always a beautiful experience when we are realizing we are part of a collective that are here to help others in a positive way.

Learning to be opened to receive the wisdom of the universe in our heart and share the love we have. It is a journey of a thousand, a journey of growth, a journey of victory a journey of wonders. It is a wild ride for sure, but it is a great ride at the same time.

Learning to co-create with the universe and being opened to receive the bounty the universe has for us. Learning to tap into the infinite world of the universe harvesting what we have planted in our field of dreams.

Taking care of our dreams while nurturing our garden, removing the weeds of doubts to let the flowers of our dreams grow so we can harvest them.