Our wonderful journey

The story of the pups has been getting better and better every day. These two pups have become the entertainment for my life. There is no dull moment, no boredom at all, from Mac now bossing me when I am not fast enough for getting his food or treats.

To Miss Dot sliding on ice while we are trying to have a walk. It even gets better when she lost a bootie that I only realized halfway to turn around facing sliding or falling on the road to retrieve that bootie.

Which we did successfully, but still she was sliding as well that helped me to slow her down since I was not wearing my spikes. Yes! Mama forgot to do that, it is Monday after all and my head is still foggy from the weekend!

Sometimes a break is necessary to have finally the time to ground ourselves. It is winter and mother nature is reminding us of what is to be expected cold, ice and snow. I am still inspired by the universe, by the world of wonders.

Hopes is still beating in my heart; love is still surrounding me even though I can feel challenged by it as of now. But my intention is still strong to appreciate and become the better part of me. Fighting what we cannot stop has become a thing of the past.

My focus is to move forward by finding paradise on the ground, I have been upside down I do not want to continue to do that, so I got off the ride of madness. Finding myself ready to step into the arms of the divine.

It is empowering and freeing to become the better part of us, it is inspiring to do something new so we can continue to explore our lives. I have been happier when I started to move myself into uncharted territory.