The saga of the pups 53

The saga of the pups is still going strong! Today Miss Dot and I went to a home improvement store. She was in the mood to follow mama! We decided it was time for her to go back there with me for the errands I had to run.

It was fun first she was watching the road as we were driving to the store. When we arrived, she was all excited smelling the ground like she was hunting. When we arrived, she was all ears listening attentively to what was coming from the other aisles.

As we were navigating into the aisle Miss Dot was doing well. Listening to my commends and making sure she was by my side. We had so much more fun when we are working together, yes! It is working time for Miss Dot.

She gets spooky when she is around people and the best way to help her to get at ease is to go into the store and walk around. She wasn’t pulling her lead, but she was on high alert wondering what was waiting for us next.

She was again leading us, I had to pull her back so she could relax a little and realized the leader of the pack was in charge. She is such a sweet girl a store worker asked me if she could approach her. She extended her hand so she could smell it.

Yes! Approaching a dog, we have to present our hand for them to smell it. We never try to touch a dog without them agreeing. Often people are making that mistake and the dog will respond back feeling under “attack”.

After Miss Dot smelled the person’s hand, she wiggled her tail but than realized she was wearing a mask, so she did not like it and made us understand that. But still she was happy to say hello to her. After we were done shopping in the store we went to the register.

Dottie got a little scared because of the noise from the register it made her nervous. I had to calm her down we left the store and Miss Dottie was happy.