The transformation

I am smiling while listening Colette Baron-Reid, not being the person to always rescues other people but also learning to cut the cord when people are like energy vampires. Let me explain when we have a friend that spends their time calling you after we are done speaking with them, we feel our energies have drained the life out of us.

This is something we have to learn to do, it seems cruel to not want to continue to have those kinds of toxic relationship but in life we have to set our own boundaries. It is helpful in our lives when we are able to be authentic by looking what is good for us.

It is not about being worried about losing people around us, not at all, it is to remove the people that are not for our highest good. The life of a thousand is the world of wonder, it is to move in our lives and being able to open our life to something better.

When we are keeping our own garden cleaned of weeds our field of dreams will grow and mature. It is a great way to keep us on track. We have to learn what is best for us when we are living our life to the fullest.

Learning to be open to a life of wonders it is an amazing way to keep ourselves in the magical journey. Keeping our energies moving, changing our routines to get outside of our loops. It is a life of a thousand sensing changes in our lives.

So, in order to get things going we need to get our energies moving and staying present in our lives. Minding our own business helps us to stay grounded and also focused on our own dreams. When we are open to keep on moving, transformation will come to you.