Cold day

It is a cold day, so the pups decided to not spend much time outside running around. I still have some time to spend with them inside while mother nature is showing her colder side. Yes, we are not ready for the winter for sure.

But in the meantime, we can at least still have some fun. Mac is now in the office on his bed sleeping while Miss Dot is in the bedroom, but I am sure she will join us soon. Since she likes to guard mama at all times she should be coming to sleep in the office as well.

This tribe has been having a lot of fun learning to travel in style in the car, staying at a lodge those have been great vacations for the pups. We still are not done yet but for now we are staying inside waiting for the day to be over.

I still have to find some toys for Miss Dot she is in need of chewing on something, so I gave her a little piece of Mac’s baby. She did welcome it, but I have some ropes at home she can use to chew on safely. I have used in the past some other toys that have proven to be more damaging for her teeth and gums.

It always makes me smile when I read on the toys “indestructible”! I should contact those companies and have Miss Dot or Mac testing for them… In general, a toy might last a few hours if we are lucky, otherwise it would be like an old chew piece of plastic.

Today is a nesting day, it is a time where neither Mac nor Dot want to spend some time outside. So, we are camping with mama in her office while she is writing her blogs. Yes! Mama is behind in her writing so now it is time to catch up with my co-workers.