The wizard of awareness

When the wizard of awareness comes to us It is time to listen to him. It is time to open our mind and learn from him. It is an opportunity to finally see what is around us and what course of action we shall take. When we are surrounded by his awareness our body is awakening.

It is a time of self-reflection and a time to step back to see where we are. it is a time to become an observer and listen to our spirit, the guidance we are receiving is essential for us. It is critical to listen to it by letting our ego sleep.

While the world of the ego can be distracting, we always can tone it down so we can hear what the universe and our spirit has to say. It is a time to become authentic about our own life. When the wizard of awareness is around us it reminds us of what is happening in our lives, it is not personal it is something that we have to go through.

The magical part of it is to go on the flow of awareness, keeping an open mind and heart leads us to perfect synchronicity understanding the universe will deliver what is best for us. Removing our own expectations leads us to welcome what is for our highest good.

We are the magician in our own life, the wizard of awareness helps us to gain clarity in our lives even if some of them are not roses and bonbons. It is always in our best interest to see what the universe has for us compared to what our ego would like to have.

Being fulfilled in our lives is to listen to what our heart desires, understanding we might be in a place of transformation and chaos but knowing deep in our heart the universe has our back.