Our journey is a movement that keeps on giving. Yes! We are a story in motion movement is part of our lives. Even if we are trying to control everything in our lives, we are blocking the flow of the universe to come in our lives.

When we are keeping ourselves moving, we are keeping our energies up. We are not dealing with stale energies we are keeping the flow of the universe in our lives. Being a story in motion helps us to learn to co-create, it also brings us to a state of creativity.

We are living energies that create every day, even if we might not see anything moving in our lives it doesn’t mean the universe is not working behind the scenes. This is the amazing journey we are on, abundance is an energy we are in.

Often, we do not realize we can transform our lives when we are letting go of the how. Instead, we should keep our eyes on the prize!!! The amazing part of our journey is to be part of the world that can open ourselves to new possibilities.

We are able to see all the moving parts when we are willing to co-create with the universe. Having faith in ourselves is essential, when we are open to letting the universe guiding us is magical. We have to remind ourselves to move along in our lives.

Doing a self-inventory of our lives and keeping on growing and moving, self-care is to recognize when to go on our journey. We have to create our own space to be able to keep it sacred and define what we need to take care of our own self.

We have to learn to take care of our own self you are telling the universe you are serious and taking care of your own magic.