Bathing under the moonlight is a wonderful way to recharge our batteries. It is infusing ourselves with new energies. When the full moon shows her beautiful light, it empowers us to release what is not for our highest good.

We can let our imagination run free while embracing the magic of the moonlight. It is embracing our true self becoming who we are meant to become by letting our spirit free. We are the magicians, the co-creators that can transform our lives for the better.

Bathing under the moonlight is infusing our body with the powerful energy of the divine, it is becoming one with it. It is a wonderful experience to walk under the moonlight and released the energies that do not serve us anymore.

Experiencing the life of a thousand while welcoming the flow of the universe in our lives. It is opening the portal of infinite possibilities, learning to co-create while being curious. Having lived a life of a thousand it is a humbling experience to be waking on this earth. Regardless of the current state we are in we can still change the course of our lives.

We have to learn to become a partner with the map shifter, welcoming the help of the universe to ease our journey. Focusing on our life’s lessons and welcoming the changes that will help us to grow and mature.

Enjoying the moonlight is learning to let the energy of the divine into our lives is empowering us to shift the flow we are in to be in tune with the energy of the universe. Welcoming the changes is to be open to take a leap of faith into the unknown.

Becoming one with our spirit and letting go of the past, welcoming new energies into our lives that will help us to elevate our energies.